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My Personal Experience with the BG LifeTime Protection Plan

The background information:

Upon graduating college I bought myself a used Land Rover Discovery. I guess now that I had the piece of paper, next step was to buy the car as I continued down the young adult journey of "doing what you're supposed to do".

I always knew BG Products made great stuff. Great company. American company, founded by veterans. Big on Research & Development. Knew I needed to use it in my car not just because my dad said so, but because I knew it's good stuff.

I specifically bought my car with less than 75,000 miles so I could benefit from the protection plan they offer when you use their additives. The fact to ensure I could qualify impacted my buying decision. I could afford buy a Range Rover but only with significantly more miles than 75k and therefore it wouldn't have qualified for the protection plan. And with more miles, probably more problems.

But then I found my Discovery. Just barely under the qualifying mileage. Needed work and was within my price range. Brought it over from Colorado. And then I had absolute sticker shock upon realizing exactly how much the fluid services were going to cost...and all of them needing to be done within the next 2,000 miles. So I did what any recent college graduate would do, asked my parents for a loan. Took a few months to pay them back. *cringe*

Important lesson I learned:

There is a major difference between being able to buy a car and being able to afford a car.

The way the program works, they cover "x" system you had serviced with their products for a specified interval of mileage.

So, for example, I had the cooling system flush done in time to qualify the Land Rover which gave me coverage on certain cooling system components for the next 30,000 miles. The water pump went out, and sure enough BG Products stood behind their word and paid parts and labor for the water pump repair. The catch is, if you want to continue to have the warranty, you will need to flush the system again. But like, why wouldn't you?

They did this for an engine claim, paid for new oxygen sensors, paid for a brake control module because it worked off brake fluid pressure. That part alone is $2,000 from Land Rover...

I have always been a big believer in their stuff, but the fact I have seen the company in action and they're true to their word, that is what makes me refer them without hesitation.

Today's first tier coverage plans (maximum dollar amounts) is from 0-50,000 miles and tier two is from 50,001 to 100,000 miles.

So how this translates when I give people advice when they go buy a car: either buy the car that has less than 50,000 miles or buy the car that has less than 100,000 miles. Make sure you give yourself enough cushion to get the fluids done in time depending which plan you want fall under.

I didn't give myself anytime the first go around so when it came time to do all the fluids again I started renewing them with much more anticipation. I did brake and power steering first (because they were the cheapest) and I did them when I still had probably 7,500 miles to go. I was much younger and putting the money aside was going to be harder for me and than just getting it done right when I had the money. And I kept spacing them out, getting one system done about every paycheck.

Now I was in this situation because I didn't realize how much maintenance the car was going to require: transmission fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid, coolant, engine oil, front differential, rear differential, transfer case... when I could have opted for a vehicle that only had transmission, brake, coolant and engine oil. I literally picked a car with double the amount of fluids.

Look at the maintenance schedule. And ask yourself the hard questions, can I really afford this car? If so, am I willing to pay the price?

Don't get me wrong, did I love my Land Rover? Absolutely. Emma was perfect. I paid dearly to keep her up, but I couldn't have done with it without BG Products. They should really think about adding a line that Protection Plan eligible for all cars except... :D

The plan was important to me because it being a European car I knew I wasn't going to be able to afford the break downs. Today's vehicle's are becoming more and more expensive to repair and maintain, so I tell everyone look at the extended warranty the dealer is wanting to sell you and compare the fine print to BG Product's Protection Plan.

Best part is the Protection Plan is free. You take care of your car and BG Products will take care of you.

2003 Land Rover Discovery Snow
Meet Emma the Land Rover Disco.

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