• Karolena

Need Auto Service but Feeling Unsure with COVID-19

Auto repair shops are considered an essential business. They are allowed to work during this crisis. It would be pretty difficult to do a Zoom call for an oil change...

We need to be at work to continue with our livelihood and keep Americans safe on the road.

A house visit could break a lot of rules and regulations for mechanics to go to your house away from their licensed facility to perform certain services, not to mention their garage liability insurance policies. Should something go wrong, there may not be coverage.

So what can you do to make sure you're picking a place who is taking this unseen threat seriously?

1. Call the shop. See if they can explain their process and ask if has undergone changes. If they laugh it off, then you may want to rethink that place.

2. Drive by. How does the shop look? Is it clean? How many people are there at a time? Are there others waiting when you're supposed to have an appointment? Is the staff wearing gloves?

3. Watch them. I know I don't have a problem if someone wants to watch me while I perform our pre-check in wipe down. Maybe you have some feedback!

What can you do?

Wipe down the car before you bring it to us! We would really appreciate it! I cannot tell you how reassuring it is when a client says that. The first time it just blew me away. We still do our process, but it provides such a level of comfort.

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