• Karolena

Never to late to set goals!

Perhaps this is the perfect time for some self-reflection and goal setting. Have you ever thought about having a purpose statement for your vehicle? We rely on our automobiles to ensure we get to work, take the kids to school, pick up groceries, visit family and friends, etc. Although right now the coronavirus has limited many of these activities, it may be an opportunity to think about the current state of things on a personal level and see if changes need to be made.

By having a purpose statement for your vehicle, you are giving yourself something very powerful, a measurable intention for it.

If you want your vehicle to provide you safe, reliable transportation, what are the steps as a vehicle owner you need to take? If you are looking to make this car last for another five years, what are the necessary maintenance required to reach that goal? How can the costs be managed? Maybe you want another car within a year, what can be postponed? What is the bear minimum to be done while keeping the car safe?

If you can questions, you're welcome to contact me at the shop, 713.270.0474 or you can message me from the link in the About Me page.

This idea can be applied to other things, too. What are some other assets/liabilities/ideas could benefit from a purpose statement?

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