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On the In Wheel Time Radio Show!

I was on the In Wheel Time Radio show yesterday and I wanted to post what we discussed for anyone who didn't have the opportunity to tune in to the show.

1. Can you wait on auto repairs? This is an important question for many people who do not know if they need to have their vehicle repaired and or serviced when they only use it for essential errands and also especially important for essential workers who are still commuting every day. Is it necessary for you to break your quarantine routine to have your vehicle serviced?

If you're hearing screeching, grinding, rubbing, feeling hesitation, sluggishness or dragging, then you don't want to wait because it could get worse. Many times during my service write ups if a client had only come in sooner when they first noticed their vehicle exhibiting symptoms, then a substantial amount of costs could have been avoided. If you notice any of those items described above or your check engine light is flashing, I highly encourage you to visit a service center. You're welcome to call our facility and we can figure a way to FaceTime or use the WhatsUp app to help figure out if this is in fact something urgent.

If you want to have maintenance performed, great. This may be an ideal time for you to do so. Call the repair facility first or utilize online reservations. Professional Auto Care has been taking appointments only via our online option (of course you can call and I can do it for you while I have you on the phone) to help guide the work load of the day to ensure we do not have multiple clients here at the same time.

Our goal to keep our team and clients safe. We want everyone to feel comfortable and safe.

2. A time for reflection and re evaluation for setting budgets. Maybe this is the time to set a budget for your vehicle(s). Maybe you have two cars, but only need one right now -- what does that vehicle need for maintenance? What are upcoming expenses? Maybe right now is the ideal time to have a Service Smart check out performed. Why not have the vehicle completely analyzed by an ASE Certified Master Technician in regard to safety, repair and maintenance. Have the findings listed in order of priority and then explained in plain English with unbiased resources. With the proper information, you can make the best financial decisions for your family.

3. Things you can do at home!

  1. Spend time with your kids going over things you can check at home (my father's teen list is posted here). You can call the shop and I can walk you through how and where to find certain components so you can feel prepared before talking to your kids outside.

  2. Create a must keep list of items in your vehicle and work on carrying those with you at all times in your vehicle. (You can look at an exmaple here: my list)

  3. Create new rules for your vehicle. Examples of good rules: checking tire pressure twice a month; or wearing gloves at the gas station; or everyone using hand sanitize when someone gets in or out of the vehicle.

Professional Auto Care shop is open and ready to serve the public so if you have any questions, call and ask. We're here to be of service whether you physically bring your vehicle or not. :)

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