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PAC COVID-19 Actions

Professional Auto Care has been taking action in response to the COVID-19 virus since mid February. The PAC team has been actively watching the news and knew it was just a matter of time before the virus was at our doorstep.

The following will be a record of the precautions the PAC team have taken and plan to take:

  • As of the week of February 10th: No PAC technicians will enter a vehicle without wearing gloves. Hand sanitizer bottles placed in high traffic areas.

  • As of the first week of March, the following precautions were added: Plastic steering wheel covers to be installed during vehicle check in. Daily sanitation of front counter.

  • As of the week of March 10th, the following precautions were added: Office completely emptied and each item was cleaned with antibacterial. All magazine and books have been thrown away/removed from waiting areas. High traffic items will be sanitized twice daily.

  • Efforts to begin in conjunction with the rest of the precautions as of March 17th (we are closed March 16th):

  1. New sign to be posted to door stating "If you have a fever, do not enter."

  2. Every vehicle will be sprayed with a BG Product EPA listed anti-viral product as part of our new check in procedure which will go into effect for every vehicle: this will add 10 minutes to our current 7 minute check in process. We are actively working to bring down the check in time. (Please see #9 for further details.)

  3. We have successfully tried out a new system over the last week for clients to pay for their automotive repair bills online this will limit the hand to hand contact necessary.

  4. Clients are encouraged to schedule service online so we can avoid paperwork upon entering our facility. You can schedule service here, by clicking the Book Now.

  5. Clients will be asked to remove non-essential keys and only leave the car key and/or fob when leaving a vehicle for service.

  6. Part deliveries will be met outside main office.

  7. Each item box of part deliveries will be wiped down.

  8. We will no longer accept invoices from part suppliers as we have access to digital copies.

  9. All clients will be asked to bring their wheel lock inside the office during vehicle check in at which point they will be sanitized.

  10. For state inspections, insurance cards will need to be emailed so staff can print them out. (All personal documents of clients are shredded and deleted.)

  11. Items that will be disinfected as part of the new check in process.

  • Key and remote fob

  • Exterior door handles, both sides

  • Interior door pull, both sides

  • Start button, if equipped

  • Rear view mirror, back and edges

  • Vents

  • Gear selector

  • Center stack knobs, buttons and screen

  • Seat belt and buckle

  • Parking brake release

Our goal is to create a safe environment for our teammates, clients and their families while continuing, as always, to provide effective and outstanding customer service.

Your patience is greatly appreciated during this time.

Thank you!

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