• Karolena

Periodic Car Check Outs are a MUST.

We have a number of fleets in our Service Smart program. With the pandemic affecting all businesses we are trying to make things easier for our fleet accounts.

Over the past year we have opened special days for these Service Smart Fleet vehicles. We have included them in the new Service Smart 5% discount. Made one of them a special spreadsheet so they can keep track internally when one of their vehicles has been to the shop. Arranged before opening drop off and after hours pick up. But what I love is when they come in for just the Express Check (of the absolute basics). Because we get it, you bring your cars and trucks to us, for us to worry about. Your guys are busy doing their job and we are your car tech support.

Today, we had a fleet vehicle come in for the Express Check (less than 5 minutes) and we found a nail in the tire...Boom. Something as simple as checking fluid levels and tire pressure can many times catch an issue that could potentially have serious consequences.

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