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Pets of the Homeless Update!

Today I received an update from the Pets of the Homeless headquarters to thank Professional Auto Care and Han Solo for participating. Kimberly did an amazing job inventorying everything. Pets of the Homeless came back and let us know the fair market value of all the items donated totaled to $1,835.30! Woah! How is that for a small family owned business with amazing clients!

We are so grateful to everyone who donated. These gifts are going to be going to people who many times have nothing or a family going through a very rough patch financially where a pet is a huge expense.

We take so much for granted these days. Sometimes the homeless are in positions to choose between feeding themselves or their animals, and most would choose to feed their fur babies who offer unconditional love and stay with them. I hope our donations help make that choice less frequent during this holiday season and the blankets help keep these animals warm.

So grateful for everyone's participation with donations with even some coming from California. Know you are going to be a reason why someone smiled this holiday season. It is amazing what we can accomplish when we work together. Give your pups and kitties extra hugs & kisses this Thanksgiving and count your blessings.

Here are some adorable pictures of Han Solo as we were loading up the truck!

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