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Podcasts of Radio Interview!

I did two calls into the In Wheel Time Radio show here are the audio recordings of both segments.

During the interviews we talked about the measures my family's shop has been taking and the specific actions and procedures we have in place. We hope this will build industry awareness as to what changes need to happen moving forward as far as sanitizing vehicles prior to staff entering them.

We also discussed services consumers can ask from their auto service provides to maintain a clean and sanitized cars. Services auto repairs have been offering for years, but often aren't given much importance.

Plus, don't stop supporting those small business from your normal routine, consider keeping memberships active, buy gift cards or send words of encouragement! Even a letter saying how much you appreciate them will mean so much!

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Huge thank you to all the team at In Wheel Time! I recorded two slightly different messages so we'll see which one they choose! :D