• Karolena

PPVE #2 with IMMEDIATE Benefits

If you're looking to purchase a new vehicle, I highly recommend having the vehicle checked out by a certified professional. Preferably an inspection where the car can be lifted and examined underneath. And, if it fits within your budget, I recommend a full computer scan (not with a basic OBD-II reader).

I received an email from a client today: he had received partial credit from the dealership for the older tires we identified during the inspection process. The truck, a 2015 Ford F-150, was in excellent shape. Although the tires still had legal-sufficient tread, they were the original tires from 2015 with 75,000 miles on them. He wasn't going to need tires right away, but for sure within the next six to nine months. Maybe sooner with how much he drives daily. He brought up the other items we found, along with the tires being older.

I will always recommend having a certified professional look over a vehicle before you buy it! The evaluation could pay for itself, as it did in this instance. It can also give you a proper understanding of the vehicle's condition, which will help you be prepared for upcoming expenses and maintenance into the future.

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