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Quality Time with Teen Drivers

If you and your family are under the stay-home order, now may be the perfect opportunity to connect with and build your teens confidence with vehicle operation and care awareness!

I know from experience that going out in the garage and my father lecturing me about proper maintenance wasn't my favorite part of an afternoon, but boy did I appreciate it later on in life. Many of my friends now call me when they have questions about car maintenance or repairs.

So here is the famous list below from my father's free teen classes and what I had to fill out weekly to keep the privilege of driving. *sighs* But looking back, I am grateful for my parents for doing this and being hard on me. It taught me responsibility and accountability.


Weekly Vehicle Check List

1. Check engine oil

2. Check engine coolant

3. Check brake fluid

4. Check power steering fluid

5. Check windshield wiper fluid

6. Check drive belts

7. Check transmission fluid

8. Check tire pressure and inspect tires

9. Check wiper blades

10. Check lights

  • Clean windshield, windows, and mirrors

  • Clean dashboard and vacuum interior


Car Wash


Ps. If you have questions about where to find anything on this list or would like more information as to why something is important you can either call at shop or send me a message from my About Me page! :)


Father and daughter looking over vehicle report.
Thanks Daddy! (Everardo and Karolena Serratos)

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