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I have this vision for auto repair where you don't need to feel dread when you take your car in for service. Where it doesn't need to be expensive to maintain and sustain reliable transportation. We believe that when we work together we can simplify the car care process. Service Smart℠ allows clients to budget their vehicle expenses and determine their long-term goals for their car.

We began this project in 2010 and have been constantly improving it ever since. The project set out to bridge the gap between consumers and the shop by utilizing Manufacture recommendations, industry standards, and the huge resource that is Everardo's years of experience. 

In 2011, we were creating Power Point presentations and providing Excel spreadsheets for our clients. The time spent by office personnel was causing process flow problems and decreasing the number of clients we could service in a day. 

In 2012, we met our programmer who has helped us modernize this project with technology of the future. 

By 2013, full reports were designed to provide insights to the clients of their vehicle's condition. 

Starting in 2014, we officially launched our program into the eyes of the public. We began to ask for a membership fee which we have always used to cover only the technician's time.

In 2015, we made a huge decision to move platforms and Service Smart℠ underwent a major overhaul. 

In 2016, the new system became available for testing. It underwent constant trial and error as we began to implement it. We continued to use our Excel documents for Vehicle Health Reports℠. 

In 2017, we began sending out Vehicle Health Reports℠ with the new program.

In 2018, the presentations underwent major changes and we released a mobile friendly (PDF) version and a web link version which has zoom-able pictures and links to more information. 

In 2019, we have planned to post deep discounts without needing promotional codes to online store making it even easier for clients to save money and significant upgrades for the technician user interface.

The Vehicle Health Reports℠ are at a stage where they can accurately predict what is coming next; this is key to the sustainability aspect of our mission. This online store is the key to the inexpensive aspect because it allows clients to purchase standard services at deep discounts. 

A big thank you to all our Service Smart℠ clients especially those who have been with us since the very beginning. It is thanks to your feedback and patronage that we have achieved so much. We look forward to bringing more exciting improvements to the Service Smart℠ program during 2019! 

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