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Service Smart℠ Rocks!

I received two emails from two Service Smart℠ clients.

One new to the program, their first visit. And the other who has been in the program since 2015.

We believe in challenging the status quo in everything we do.

We do this by providing exceptional, transparent customer service. The easy to understand reports we create for each of our clients allows them to make their own decisions based on their goals.

We just happen to maintain cars.

Service Smart℠ isn't even about my computer program or algorithms for car maintenance. It's simply about helping people live a more efficient life by making better financial choices for their car.

It just so happens that we developed Service Smart℠ for the automotive service industry.

They get it. They see the value.

They want to build a relationship and work together. They see what I am trying to build or, at least, they believe in it even if they can't see it. I am creating a place where people don't need to feel anxiety when they visit because I am giving them all the tools they need to be successful in whatever they want to accomplish.

Service Smart℠ may rock, but these clients rock even more for taking control of their vehicle, for actively thinking about expectations for something, actively thinking about expenses and how to minimize them. Imagine if we did this with everything... but we need to start somewhere. So take the first step and become Smart with the Service your vehicle needs.

Don't you want your car checked out today? Be smart when it comes to car servicing. Be Service Smart℠.

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