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Small business owners know you never really turn off your brain on thinking business. My gardening plans were foiled by the rain this morning. Instead of going back to bed, I took the quiet morning to comb through the website, make several updates, and ensure my education intention is primary.

Of course, as a business owner, I want people to choose my business over competitors, but if you read my website, this is not the primary goal of the informative pages. I see so many shops (and other businesses) use their websites as a giant sales pitch. I'm not saying you're not supposed to be selling yourself because we definitely do, but you need to build the connection to the right customer.

I have been building our business websites since I was in high school and college. I can specifically remember sitting in classes and making changes. In the middle of class, an idea would come to me, and I could not wait to create the change. I remember the shock in people's faces when they'd ask who built it, and I'd say me. And the number of times we have been plagiarized is astonishing.

The thing I keep in mind when building our business website and maybe a few things other entrepreneurs may want to consider;

  • Your website needs to be useful to the client. Can they learn something? I generally try to put enough information for consumers to make better-informed decisions without talking to someone.

  • Your website needs to set clear expectations of the type of relationship you will have with your client. Can the client already accurately guess how a conversation would go between you two?

  • Your website needs to be simple. Can they easily navigate it? I am guilty of having a large website. And if someone is in a rush, they will miss things. I have two different approaches to my website,

  1. I'm a big believer in funneling to more specific information. When I map out a new website, I write down the key things I aim to highlight and then make a tree of how more specification information connects to the idea. Home Page > Services > Testing Services > A/C Performance Test > How the A/C System Works > Types of Problems > Book a Service.

  2. Based on Google Analytics page traffic flow, I have quick links for commonly looked at pages right off the home page. Let's face it, many in this day and age; don't want to read or understand how something works and want the answers only.

If you are a consumer, what are some things you like to see?

If you are a business owner, what are some things you try to include?

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