• Karolena

So much love!

A few weeks ago I called on some older clients just to check in on them and make sure they were alright, see if they need anything (like toilet paper, etc). And now this week I have been getting phone by clients to see how we are doing! We're doing great! Hanging in there. And boy if you thought my shop was clean before... man oh man, haha!

I heard on the news/media outlets highlighting particular small businesses, but none talked about auto repair shops. This made me a little sad (and angry if I'm being honest) but then literally the next day I had this thought I got a text message from a client. <3

Over this past Easter weekend it was my parents wedding anniversary and wow, so much love from so many people on Facebook. The lines between clients and friendships becomes blurred after so many years and we are just so, so grateful to each and everyone one of you! I can't even begin to express how warm and fuzzy I felt, I'm just this person's mechanic and they called me, or they texted me, or they emailed me or they Facebooked us! <3

By remaining united and resolute combined with showing one another compassion, we can get through this together with grace.

If you're thinking about someone, call them. Let them know. Kindness is remarkable and at times a rare gem. Share kindness with another. Your phone call could brighten someone's day! The energy you put out there eventually comes back around, too. I truly believe since we called people, not about their cars, but because we cared about them, it was then our turn to get the calls!

Wishing everyone health!


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