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Thank You In Wheel Time!

Thank you to the In Wheel Time radio show for having me on today! What a great way to start a Saturday, chatting about cars. I'll post up the recording soon.

Summary of today:

If you're going out of town sometime in the coming weeks, give yourself plenty of time before hitting the road to have your car checked out. Catching things early is key and vital to avoid surprises while on the road.

Second, when you give yourself time before the trip, you're giving yourself time to process what your car needs, why and how it will affect your budget. You don't have to decide the same day when you have the car checked out.

Third, learn about your car. How to check tire pressure, fluid levels, what different gauges mean. Even if you don't read the owner's manual, at least know where it is in your car.

Fourth, find an auto repair shop willing to be a resource to you. For example, my shop, Professional Auto Care, we give clients mini classes about their vehicle.

The Princess of Car Care

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