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Tiguan Spoiler Flying Off at High Speeds

Volkswagen is recalling around 6,500 2017-2021 Tiguan SUVs, according to Kelley Blue Book.

The rear spoilers on these vehicles can separate at higher speeds, potentially detaching and flying off the vehicle. This occurrence could be dangerous by causing the spoiler to become a highway projectile.

This recall will not affect every Tiguan vehicle. For the Tiguan vehicles that had their spoilers installed at the Volkswagen factory, there have been no reports of spoiler failure. Others had spoilers installed later, at the port or dealership and those may be improperly attached.

VW dealers will install a new spoiler to replace the potentially loose model.

Recall repairs are always free.

Manufacturers attempt to contact every owner, but they don’t always reach them all with the news. You can check on the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration website, https://www.nhtsa.gov/recalls.

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