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Treat Your Car Right and She'll Treat You Right...

Yesterday I had a discussion with an old classmate about the analogy of treating your car like your body. We all know if we take care of ourselves consistently and properly, then our body will take care of us as we age. Poor choices when we're younger can come back to get us when we're older. Well, the same is true with your car. The best time to get educated about how to sustain your vehicle is as soon as you buy it. It's like retirement savings, they tell us to start young all the time! But so many people don't start until much later in life... I find the same is true with car care. Many people will want to start caring for their car after it starts to break. I acknowledge they are the first steps and certainly late is better than never. But they're still going to be paying for the original lack of care for a while until things start to get better when enough of the vehicle’s systems are brought up to the appropriate level of care.

Some people do start off great and make all the best choices for their car. And then, for whatever reason, maybe because of just how well the car is running, they start to slip and do less and less for their car. Each visit, I advise them with all the information and each time they choose not to take the necessary action. Then the inevitable happens: a major repair. One that I know could have avoided with proper, simple maintenance. And maybe a repair that would have been covered under BG Products warranty if the car owner had just kept up with the fluid flushes.

There used to be a Fram commercial — back in the 80s, I think — you can pay me now, or you can pay me later. (In most cases, more later).

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