• Karolena

Tropical Storm Beta

The first flood cars are already making their way into the shop... The owner of the vehicle in the following photos claimed they had "removed most of the water". To me, it looks like the water in the back is still about ankle deep.

Here is the same vehicle with carpet removed...

Never underestimate the power of water. If you see high water, do not attempt to drive through. Vehicular systems are meant to be water resistant but not waterproof. No part of the vehicle is designed to be submerged.

Even if water doesn't enter the passenger compartment, major engine damage can occur. This vehicle took water up through the air intake system and damaged the motor.

Note: If you'd like to use my photos I do not mind. All I ask is that you kindly give my business credit when you use one of my photographs. It is always interesting to see my photos on other people's websites without credit. I recognize that my business does deal with a lot of flood claims and we take pictures of everything during the entire process. However, that is no reason to post my pictures without credit.

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