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Try this in 2020 on everything, not just car stuff.

I challenge you to join me with my 2020 mission of questioning my intentions with all purchases. I listen to Gary Vaynerchuk on occasion and I have realized, despite the conditioning I have received from my parents, I buy stupid sh*t. My impulse buying is nothing compared to what it was when I was younger, but I still do it (especially impulse eating or coffee run). I am especially guilty when I see a great deal and it's like "but it's so under priced! How can I not buy this?".

Now I am a believer if you really, really want something and you can afford it then go for it. :)

But so many of us are trapped in prisons of our own making: debt and trying to keep up with all our possessions.

I have come up with some questions to ask myself to help with this process.

1) How often will I use x item?

2) How much is this going to cost me to sustain?

3) Do I really like, need and want this?

One thing I have never done is make a big financial decision without sleeping on it. I like to give myself some space to see if I feel the same way with some distance. Give yourself a dollar value to walk away and think. Anything over $x, I promise myself I will sleep on it before making a decision. This alone has saved me from many impulse purchases.

I would love to hear your thoughts or suggestions of additional questions or simplifying the ones I made.

Example: An expensive purse

1) How often will I use x item? It's not a daily bag so not very often. Maybe once every 6 months and only when wearing blue.

2) How much is this going to cost me to sustain? Need to make a designated spot to keep the bag in the closet and check the maintenance tag for how often to clean or condition.

3) Do I really like this and want this? No, it's pretty, but not the prettiest. I do not need it. Being honest with myself it was posted for a really great price on Tradesy... not because I actively sought out a navy blue wallet.

Verdict: No bag purchase.

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