• Karolena

Video about Road Barriers

I never thought I needed to know the different types and the mechanics of the road barriers. Check out this excellent video about how the technology around road barriers has evolved to help save more lives.

Here are a couple of things I found interesting.

The guidelines for temporary and permanent roadside barriers are called the Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware, MASH.

Some of the critical goals when designs these barriers is it needs to perform these functions;

  1. The car must remain upright

  2. The vehicle cannot tip more than 75%

  3. There cannot be penetration or crushing in the passenger compartment.

Governments do cost analysis spreadsheets to "determine if safety improvement projects are economically justified." So how much our life and limbs are worth.

I will never look at these the same again. Hopefully, I won't ever need to use one, but I feel grateful to all the engineers and maintenance workers out here. Plus, I now know a few cool facts for my next road trip.

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