• Karolena

What Do When Taking Vehicle In For Service during COVID Era

1. Call ahead to schedule service. While you may do this already, calling ahead is crucial now as it helps your shop avoid more people than necessary in the office at the same time.

2. Let the shop know if you are going to drop off or wait for service. Some shops have small waiting rooms and must cleverly plan to spread their waiting clients out across different areas. This also ensures that the shop will have enough time to clean the waiting area in between clients.

3. Show up at the agreed-upon time or slightly earlier. Many shops are now working on a reservation-only basis to keep the front office as empty as possible. Showing up late means you might arrive at the same time as the next appointment. It is also important that you call to inform the shop of your delay or inability to make the appointment at all to ensure that the technician scheduled to work on your car will have the opportunity to work on someone else's.

4. Turn off your air conditioning. If you are a constant user of the recirculate function (which is fine if you are usually alone in your vehicle), turn off the air conditioning as a courtesy to your auto repair shop. Doing this allows the shop to take whatever measures their procedures call for to disinfect the vehicle.

5. Let the office know what time you are going to pick up the vehicle. I really appreciate this because I can make sure the car is ready and waiting outside. Knowing what time everyone will arrive to pick up their vehicles also helps me plan the office traffic and make sure I have enough time to wipe down countertops, chairs, etc., in between clients.

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