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What does it mean to be ASE Blue Seal?

In a recent post, I talked about ASE Certifications. Today I am going to explain what it means for a Shop to be a part of the ASE Blue Seal Program of Excellence. There are two rigorous requirements for an independent repair shop to qualify. Straight from the ASE website:

  1. At least 75% of technicians performing diagnosis and repairs must be ASE certified

  2. Each area of service offered in the shop must be covered by at least one ASE Certified Technician

This means that when you take your car into an ASE Blue Seal shop, at least ¾ of the technicians who perform the services on your vehicle are ASE Certified. Plus, there is at least one technician who is ASE Certified in the specific area that your vehicle requires. You visit the shop for brakes, there is someone on staff who is certified for brakes! This also applies to your customer service representative at the shop, your Service Consultant. Pretty rigorous, right?

Okay so what if the shop meets those requirements once, but some of the technicians fail to retest and thus lose their certification? Then the shop is no longer considered an ASE Blue Seal shop. Like with their certifications, ASE requires a consistent meeting of requirements to qualify for ASE Blue Seal status. When a shop is ASE Blue Seal, you know that their status has been reviewed annually since they first qualified. All that verification on ASE’s part takes time and money, so they charge an application fee and an annual renewal fee. That plaque on the wall means that your shop cares enough about showing their commitment to excellence and objective credibility that they pay every year to be reviewed rigorously and prove themselves again and again. Basically, it is a big deal.

Across the United States there are nearly 235,000 auto shops nationwide and there are fewer than 2,000 Blue Seal shops. That's less than 1% of shops are ASE Blue Seal! You can use this nifty ASE Shop Locator to find out if there are any ASE Blue Seal shops in your area!

Being an ASE Blue Seal recognized shop shows the shop’s commitment to attaining and maintaining excellence. It the premier automotive industry standard. What is especially amazing about it is that it requires effort from the vast majority of the team. Many shops exceed the already rigorous standards with more than required 75% of the technicians being ASE Certified. And the ones who are not yet ASE Certified, are being encouraged and helped along the path to becoming ASE Certified as they gain their years of experience and qualify for the test.

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