• Karolena

Why do I love my job?

Despite it being scorching in the summer and clocking about 10,000 steps before leaving work, I super love my job. Yes, customer service can be frustrating. Answering the phone can be very disappointing at times. I still love my job.

I feel excited to go to Professional Auto Care every morning. Our mission is much bigger than repairing people's cars. My Service Smart program specifically is much more significant.

It's about thinking actively about expectations, setting goals, budgeting, and learning how things work. The program is a boot camp about "how to sustain something." It helps set the tone for a mindset. A mindset that you can apply to other areas of life and begin to ask yourself the right questions directly relevant to your success. Schools haven't been teaching us to ask these questions for decades now.

Are my expectations unrealistic? What will be the consequences of ____ action? Am I willing to assume this amount of risk? Do I want to spend this money? How does this work? Am I aware of and understand all my options in my present situation?

One of my favorite parts of my job is showing clients their old parts and explaining why they failed—sharing with others what I know is rewarding. I do my best to explain in straightforward terms, so if ever in the future they come across something else technical, they can break it down or know enough to ask questions.

I feel fulfillment in my daily work; that's why I love my job.

I hope I'm making a difference. Or at the very least be a reason why someone smiled.

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