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Why doesn't my shop pick up vehicles?

This decision took much discussion. As other businesses find ways to provide value, going and picking up a client's vehicle from their home is simply not an option for us.

  • Being a women I am not comfortable offering this and would feel uneasy for other members of my female staff.

  • Secondly, I challenge everyone to see how many times you subconsciously touch your face. (Average person is 23 times in an hour) How can we guarantee someone won't touch their face or adjust their mask whilst driving?

  • Driving with a mask is not ideal. Therefore, we want to limit the time the staff needs to have the mask on whilst driving to a minimum. Being in an unfamiliar vehicle on unfamiliar roads and with a mask is not ideal scenario.

  • How will the staff member get there? It would take two people, or would I send someone via Uber/Lyft? Or leave their vehicle at the client's house? This hardly seems fair and would definitely cause an increase in shop pricing. This directly misaligned with one of our goals, which is to get auto care down to being as affordable as possible.

Would I pick up a family friend/long time client's vehicle? Yes probably--but only if I know they too have been cautious about the virus. But none have asked. And I am grateful they do not put me in that position.

I have an 80 year old grandmother on lung medication. I am not taking chances. Not just for my grandmother, but for other people's as well.

This pandemic is pushing ENTREPRENEURS to find new and creative ways to provide VALUE.

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